About us

IKM OMC is a company in the Subsea/Mechanical Completion/Commisionoing division and offers specialized services for reoair and maintenance within:
• heat treatment,
• composite repairs
• leak sealing

Cost effective use of labour
IKM Omc’s personnel can perform a variety of tasks as a seamless operation.

Our experience and range of services make us an ideal partner when planning your major or minor maintenance and modification projects. Our mobility, flexibility and expertise will solve your challenges – anywhere.

Typical qualifications:
• OLF bolt approved
• Rigging
• Rope access trained
• Machining
• Valve repair
• Flange repair
• Abrasive waterjet cutting
• Heat treatment
• Composite repairs
Skvadronveien 24, 4051 Sola, Norway T:  +47 51 64 90 00, E: IKMomc@IKM.no