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IKM Measurement Services

IKM Measurement Services, an accredited (ISO17025) supplier of calibration and fiscal flow measurement services. IKM Measurements operate a new extended range master prover. Based on the Calibron Syncotrak S35 fully stainless steel unit the new master prover brings capacity and performance unavailable from anyone else in the world. The master prover has capacity to calibrate all types of flow meters at flow rates up to 800 m3/hr and at pressures of up to 143 bars. The temperature range covered is -30 deg C to 100 deg C and due to its fully Teflon sealing system does not require seal changes for differing fluids. Mounting a quad counting system and Kral master meter, master prover calibration can be carried out on all types of fluids within the temperature and pressure range. The master prover is fully certified for use in hazardous areas and comes complete with an Ex computer control and data management system. IKM Measurement Services offer the only fully Accredited mobile calibration services of this type in the world.

Accredited Calibration:-
Traceable to National Laboratory Uncertainty 0,020% & 0,50%

Range -  
0,8-800 m3/Hr, 0-455 litres, 0,4m3 – 800 m3/hr

Brooks 12” Compact Prover, Calibron S35 Compact Prover, Circulation Skid c/w pump reservoir, Volumetric liquid Meters, Compact Provers, Pipe Provers, Mass Flow Meters, Clamp on Meters, Ultra Sound Meters, Positive Displacement water, crude oil and diesel. Calibration loop for process meters. PSV onsite workshop, Pilot and spring operated valves, skilled PSV technicians.