Junior Tendering Co-ordinator - IKM Testing (Aberdeen)

A role involving the co-ordination of all tender requests and submissions with clients and suppliers.

Roles and Responsibilities
•  Act as focal point for receipt of all Invitation to Tenders (ITT).
•  Review ITT’s, compile major points of note and work with tendering department on decision to submit a tender.
•  Distribute work to relevant departments outlining due dates & monitor progress.
•  Compile the bid template and tender submission documents in line with client requirements.
•  Review tender prior to submission to ensure all points have been covered.
•  Liaise with BD and operations to ensure planning of resources are communicated and updated regularly
    in accordance with the planning processes.
•  Assist in the development of IKM Management System processes and forms and ensure
    changes are adopted by relevant parties.
•  Assist in monitoring the continued effectiveness and suitability of the relevant IKM Management System
   processes and forms.
•  Work with BD to allow forward planning based on the expected volume of tenders to be received;
    identify peaks and troughs within activity levels and resource team accordingly.
•  Ensure and maintain excellent communications with clients.
•  Ensure that bid clarification / negotiation meetings with client are actioned accordingly and minuted and
    ensure BD personnel follow up bids in a timely manner.
•  Ensure follow up meetings with client and business development personnel is undertaken as soon as possible to
    ensure feedback is received and complete and distribute lessons learned reports.
•  Participate in tender handover meetings on award of contract.
•  Investigate feasibility of development of standardised bid format.
•  Ensure that all tenders match contract terminology / costing and all have a correct ‘Scope of work
   Description Section’ to reflect job detail.
•  Ensure bid register for all opportunities including lessons learnt is kept updated.
•  Participate in project end review meetings comparing tender submissions with actual operations.

Experience Required (Preferable):
•  Previous experience in tendering administration and understanding of the Oil & Gas industry.

Personal Skills
•  Preferably have previous experience working in the Oil & Gas industry.
•  Must have strong communication skills, with the ability to negotiate and influence others.
•  Strong analytical skills.
•  Enthusiasm and commitment.
•  Personnel supervisory skills.
•  Ability to work well in a team whilst also independently using own initiative.
•  Ability to build strong relationships across the business
•  Confident and articulate.

Job Description
•  Good diplomacy skills.
•  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
•  Experience in leading and working effectively in teams.
•  Experience in providing advice and support to senior management.
•  Proactive with a high attention to detail.
•  Represent IKM’s best interests at all times.
•  Computer literacy - Competent in the use of Microsoft Office applications.

Information and Application:
To apply for this role send CV to HR@uk.IKM.com

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