Windfarm Platforms

Transformer platforms and substations' fuel systems, generators, tanks, pipes, manifolds, or need for filter conversion or additives are our work.

Helicopter on substationTransformer platforms and sub-stations located at offshore windfarms requires liquid services for fuel systems, fresh and waste water systems etc. as well as SOLT (Safe Offshore Liquid Transfer).

Diesel generators, fuel systems and tanks may be con-taminated due to water in the fuel, harsh environment and unstable operation cycles etc. Cleaning services and maintenance of such systems is provided by IKM Ocean Team.
Mechanical cleaning of diesel plagueFor our SOLT solution (Safe Offshore Liquid Transfer) we use a patented umbilical break-away and safety device.

Cleaning tanks, flushing pipe systems, manifolds, filter conversion, additives etc. are all related services and products provided by IKM Ocean Team Windcare.

Safe work in high explosive (ATEX) and restricted safety areas recognized by confined space or H2S-gasses are daily work for our certified offshore service technicians.

Equipment Designed to Offshore Norms
IKM Ocean Teams SOCOT-unit for total purity by oil conversion is designed for heavy offshore lifting, including e.g. complete oil spill safety kit. The IKM Ocean Team SOCOT-unit completes DNV 2.7-1, ISO 1496, EN 12079 and the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code for lifting and offshore safety.

Download Flyer – Windfarm Platform Service for Transformer and Substations One-Stop-Shopping Service Concept
IKM Ocean Team offers a unique oil conversion package:

  • Supply of fuel – competitive prices and terms
  • Replacing and decommissioning liquids and assets
  • Rinsing or flushing pipes, manifolds, coolers etc.
  • Filtering and refilling new fuel or hydraulic oil
  • Analysing new and old liquids at own Laboratory

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