Composite repair services

All repairs are not created equal. Failure is not an option when the infrastructure needs repair. That is why companies trust IKM OMC AS to solve their infrastructure rehabilitation needs. Our composite solutions and service offerings are unrivaled in this highly specialized field. Ranging from carbon fiber to fiberglass to a variety of hybrid combinations, when used with our proprietary resins, our reinforcing systems deliver unparalleled product performance and conform to ASME PCC-2 and ISO TS 24817 standards.

Corrosion doesn’t sleep, neither do we. Our local and global reach means that you can relay on the right products, people and services – anywhere – 24/7.

Challenge Everything. We believe in challenging everything. We challenge ourselves and the idea of “good enough” We challenge the importance of education on our industry and the level of support you should expect from us. We challenge everything…. To build confidence in everything we do.

IKM OMC AS offers a line of custom-engineered composite repair systems designed specifically for use on process piping, pipelines, and concrete structures. IKM OMC AS utilizes high-strength epoxy, urethane, and vinyl ester resins in conjunction with carbon and glass fibers to create unmatched strength, durability, and chemical resistance.

Our quality engineered solutions have been used by leading companies, engineers, distributors, contractors, municipalities, and military. Our extensive product portfolio serves a broad range of markets including construction, industrial, marine, military, mining, municipalities, offshore, oil and gas distribution and transmission, and refining and petrochemical. From leak repair, pipeline integrity solutions, to corrosion protection, corrosion repair, coating repair and mechanical reinforcement, our engineers work behind the scenes and in the field to restore and protect degrading or failing assets at a fraction of replacement costs.

• Product lines: oil, gas, chemicals
• Rebuild thin wall piping
• Engineered leak repairs
• Fire water lines
• Cooling water lines and headers
• Dock and terminal lines
• Underwater and splash zone repairs
• Ground to air interface repairs
• Aggressive chemicals
• High temperature repairs
• internal/external corrosion
• Flare lines and headers
• Heat exchangers
• Tanks and vessels

Features and benefits
• No hot work
• Extend service life – temporary or permanent
• Can be applied live
• No downtime
• Corrosion resistant
• Minimal facilities
• Repair of most defect types and service conditions
• Cost effective alternative to clamps/replacement

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