Engineering and design of submarine flowlines has been one of the core activities of IKM Ocean Design since the company was formed in 1983. IKM is involved in all aspects of flowline design, from conceptual design through installation and commissioning. Further, evaluation of flowlines in operation has increased over the last years.

Flowline design includes a number of engineering activities such as:
- Route selection and field layout
- Flow assurance and pipeline sizing
- Geohazard analysis
- Material evaluation and selection
- Wall thickness selection
- Cathodic protection and Anode design
- On-bottom stability
- Trawling assessment
- Crossing design
- Bottom roughness/Free span analysis
- Installation analysis
- Fatigue and fracture mechanic assessment
- Thermal Expansion and Buckling assessment
- Protection design (establish protection requirements e.g. in the vicinity of platforms with lifting activity)
- Intervention Work (define requirements for SRI/trenching/ploughing)
- Evaluation of in-service flowlines

In flowline design there is typically a number of interfaces towards topsides (including risers and J-tubes), structures and third party items. This needs to be given special attention in the design work and is an important aspect of flowline design.

IKM Ocean Design has also been involved in a number of projects/evaluations of flowlines in operation. This could typically be upgrade studies, review of results from annual surveys, evaluation of additional requirements due to change in premises (e.g. new trawl gear) or assessment of reported damage (corrosion/impact damage/buckling).

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