Duct cleaning

Duct cleaning

Cleaning of HVAC system
Why should you have your HVAC system cleaned? The short answer is simple: because they get dirty over time and they have the potential to contain large amounts of dust and particulates.
Clean and functioning ventilation system.

Properly functioning ventilation system is required in all areas where they are people or animals. To ensure proper exchange of waste and polluted air on fresh air, needed for breathing and proper operation of equipment, you need an efficient system of ventilation and the efficient and clean facilities for air exchange. Periodic cleaning of ventilation systems is not only an obligation under the law, but also with common sense.

In the area of HVAC and exhaust systems we specialize in comprehensive cleaning ventilation systems on ships, oil rigs, commercial buildings and private houses.

We offer:

  • cleaning of HVAC and exhaust systems ducts, chimneys
  • cleaning of galley’s ducts, hoods, fans
  • disinfection and fumigation of HVAC systems

IKM HVAC AS has many years experience with cleaning of HVAC systems, kitchen ventilation (galley), exhaust systems and ventilation shafts on vessels. For services to the maritime sector, we clean ventilation during both the vessel’s stay in the yard as well as in port or during voyage.
During the cleaning process we maintain the highest quality and accuracy. We clean not only the air ducts, but also the entire infrastructure like air grilles, appliances, fans, galley hoods.

For galley hoods, ducts and fans we use dry-ice (CO2) blasting equipment. Blasting with dry-ice gets a very efficient when cleaning surfaces with grease, fat and oil.

We have good procedures for every type of cleaning and use of equipment.
If agreed on, after the work is done we hand over a work report explaining the work carried out, accompanied by the technical cards of chemicals used and a full photo documentation (before and after photos).

Dry-ice blasting
IKM HVAC AS perform dry ice blast cleaning, also known as CO2 cleaning. Cold jet dry ice blasting is an efficient and cost-effectiv way for industries to maximize production capability and quality.

Dry ice blasting is similiar to sand blasting, plastic bead blasting or soda blasting where media is accelerated in pressurized air stream to impact surface to be cleaned or prepared. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Insted of using hard abrasive media to grind into surface (and damage it), dry ice blasting uses soft dry ice, accelerated at supersonic speeds, and creates mini-explosions on the surface to lift the undesirable item off the underlying substrate.

Duct cleaning-blasting-IKM HVAC

Dry ice blasting:

  • Is a non-abrasive, nonflammable and nonconductive cleaning method.
  • Is environmentally friendly and contains no secondary contaminants.
  • Is clean and approved for use in the food industry
  • Allows most items to be cleaned in place without time-consuming disassembly
  • Can be used without damaging active electrical or mechanica parts
  • Can be used to remove production residue, contaminants, oils and biofilms
  • Can be used for many general cleaning applications

Area of use:
Galley extract: Removal of food, oil and fat on kitchen stove, hoods, inside ducting, fan equipment etc.

Toilet and shower: Removal of limescale, soap, mold and fungi on tiles (wall and floor) and toilet (not inside toilet).

Electrical components: Cleaning of turbines, generators, electrical cabinets, cars, engines.

Machines and machine parts:  Removal of Tectyl, oil greas. lose paint, salt (under cars, trucs etc. during wintertime), glue, surface rust.
Fire and smoke restoration: Remove smoke, smell and fire damage without causing further detoriation of the surface materials.

Boats: Removal of sea weed, barnacles, lose paint on boat hull, propellers and running gear.

Graffiti: Removal of graffiti on concrete and wood. very efficient even way below 0° C.