IKM HVAC - Engineering

IKM HVAC AS employs a full-time HVAC engineering-team to develop products and systems to ensure that we stay at the leading edge of innovation in our market, whilst remaining fully compliant with the latest certifications and international requirements in the oil&gas industry. Our engineers procedures include design and manufacturing for new installations and expansion-projects. We have experience to work with the current codes and compliance with the latest standards for the oil&gad industry.

We will provide our customer tailor-made solutions for any kind of new or excicting HVAC systems. Our engineers have great experience in bringing projects from a survey to a functional design solution.

Third Party Verification
IKM HVAC AS provide documented TPV and FAT testing of HVAC equipment to insure they perform as designed. Independent commissioning is a quality-oriented process for achieving, verifying and documenting the performance of facilities, systems and assemblies