Claim Manager - OW project


• Use a systematic approach; plan, define clear scope and allocate needed input efficiently
• Assist the team with a clear sense of direction
• Co-ordinate the team on different levels and areas of expertise
• Co-ordinate and perform the build-up of claims including cost and schedule documentation
• Collect and monitor development of potential claims
• Collect and monitor necessary data other projects
• Prepare and present commercial input to project management
• Complete the claim price and back-up information within the agreed date
• Keep track of, and update, the claim price
• Deliver relevant commercial services to projects when requested

Required expertise

• Technical / financial / law education
• Minimum 5 years of relevant experience
• Has a basic contractual understanding
• Is able to understand relevant items in the contract
• Is experienced in communication and interface management
• Is experienced in guiding others and control the work performed by others
• Is able to understand and challenge input received from contributors
• Enables to include claim strategy elements in the claim process
• Good oral and written English and Norwegian skills
• Enables to create and perform presentations for management and customers
• Good ability to establish and maintain a claim pricing plan
• Enables to monitor performance according to claim plan and deliverables
• Good knowledge and experience in safeguarding good quality
• Understands the internal and external interfaces between the various contributors
• Experience and competence with demonstrating schedule impact in a planning system
• Have excellent ability to read and understand various compensation formats, analyze and understand consequences of these
• Is able to analyze schedule and cost implications and prepare analysis for the project management group
• Has knowledge to relevant rules and regulations

Work place: Haugesund
Duration: ASAP - 31.12.24
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    • Vacancy ID 3012909
    • Workplace Haugesund
    • Start date 03.08.2020
    • Deadline 20.07.2020