Summary from consultants’ survey in February 2020

First, thanks a lot for replying to our consultants’ survey! We highly appreciate that 58% of you participated in the survey, giving us valuable feedback.

On the 1-6 scale the average score of how satisfied you are with IKM Consultants is 5.2. This is a very inspiring score that motivates us to keep up the work in order to deliver high quality work for you and for our clients.

In addition to this, the score of 5.3 to both follow up from your contact person and that you will recommend IKM Consultants to others are very essential to us.

You have also pointed at some important issues where we need to improve:

Areas of improvement: 

  1. More information from IKM and potential job opportunities 
  2. A more user-friendly travel expenses system 
  3. Best possible rates and incentives

IKM Consultants actions: 

  1. Increased communication. We shall be more hands-on in finding you the best possible next assignment and improve the information from IKM Consultants.
  2. A new, time saving travel expense system will be implemented in Q2.
  3. We will always negotiate the best client rates possible, which in turn shall affect the consultants’ rates in a positive direction. 


There are two main reasons why in IKM Consultant are very well positioned to meet the future.

First is our very skilled base of consultants working for us.  80% of you have a university degree, a very suitable experience and you represent 25 different nations.

Second is in terms of having a business relationship with all the large players at the Norwegian Continental Shelf and a growing activity abroad. 

Being a part of the IKM group reinforces this- here you will find an updated version of the IKM group presentation. 

Einar Refsnes
General Manager