About us

IKM dsc Engineering AS is a leading supplier of certified and prefabricated passive fire and blast wall systems, radiant shielding, fire jackets, wind walls/louvers/vent out panels to the oil and gas industry. Having contributed to over 100 projects for various clients world-wide, our experience is extensive. We have provided our services to clients in Canada and the North Sea and are therefore also experienced with arctic conditions.

Our product range is increasing as a result of comprehensive research of our clients’ needs and our desire to improve design, manufacturing and material efficiencies. In addition to offering complete architectural packages (including interface design) and prefabricated escape tunnels/buildings, we offer our services within the following areas:

  • Acoustic Walls and Absorbents
  • Escape Tunnels
  • Explosion Relief Panel Cassette Walls
  • External Prefabricated Walls
  • Fire Jackets
  • Heat Shields
  • Internal Prefabricated Fire Walls
  • Louvre Systems
  • Turret Turning Systems (patented)
  • Wind Shields and Weather Protection
  • Windows

Proven performance
We have had the same clients for many years and the reason why they use our concept and products is a direct result of the following:

- Overall cost and schedule efficient – high degree of prefabrication
- Flexibility during installation and easy implementation of services
- Interface design (verification and optimisation of connections)
- Fully documented systems (FIRE & BLAST RESISTANT)
- Proven capabilities – quality, delivery and technically
IKM DSC Engineering AS
Dølasletta 3, 3408 Tranby, Norway, T: +47 32 22 65 80, F: +47 32 22 65 99, E: IKMdsc@IKM.no