Design, Engineering and Documentation

IKM dsc Engineering AS has extensive experience and know how. For the last decade we have been responsible for detailed design, supply and installation of walls, cladding and doors on numerous projects. Our technical operate with modern computer facilities, using 3D modelling and finite strength analysis programs. Our engineers are highly skilled (MaSc/BaSc) with special qualifications within the following main areas:

- Wall system designs, including doors for environmental protection of offshore facilities, especially in harsh environments (i.e. the North Sea).
- Blast and firewall system design, including comprehensive blast wall analysis verifying the strength of the wall/door systems and interfaces/fixings and fire testing verifying the wall system’s capability of withstanding the fire.
- Wall system interface design, weight optimisation, sound reduction/absorption engineering.
- Passive fire and blast protection engineering.
- Overall naval/offshore architectural and detail design incl. HSE evaluation and engineering related to walls and doors.
- 2D design and 3D modeling.
- Installation supervision and relevant fabrication and material technology (welding, folding, bonding etc.)
- Product development and testing at recognised testing laboratories (fire, blast, noise reduction, weather protection etc.).
IKM DSC Engineering AS
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