Motor winding and overhauls

IKM Elektro-Motor Winding and Overhauls

■ All personnel trained to work with equipment in Ex Zone 1
■ All personnel with up to date courses and documented
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Skilled staff
■ Winders
■ Motor technicians (Onshore / Offshore)
■ Mechanics

Workshop facilities
■ Balancing machine (dynamic 2 axes)
■ Oven for burn out of windings
■ Lathe
■ Milling machine
■ Oven for thermosetting
■ Teststation; 4000V – 600kW – 50/60 HZ              
■ 25 ton crane capacity

■ Winding Analysis
■ Continuity (Resistance)
■ DC Megging at 5kv
■ Polarization Index
■ DC step voltage at 12Kv
■ Dielectric measurements
■ Loss angle
■ Insulation (Lifetime calculation on high voltage

Standards and documentation
We are a NEMKO approved workshop and work by the latest standards (i.e. IEC 60079-17/19) We’ve also been approved by ABB to do overhauls on ABB motors (ABB value provider program) All our work is thoroughly documented and testrepports are allways issued to our customers.

IKM Elektro-Motor Winding and Overhauls
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