TV4000 230V-50~60Hz ASTM D2170

This test method covers procedures for the determination of kinematic viscosity of liquid asphalts (bitumens), road oils and distillation residues of liquid asphalts (bitumens) all at 60°C (140°F) and of asphalt cements at 135°C (275°F).

TV4000 230V-50~60Hz ASTM D2170 Picture

Model: TV4000 230V-50~60Hz ASTM D2170
Manufacture: Tamson

The Tamson TV2000 or TV4000 viscometer baths are specially designed for tests that require ultra-precise temperature control, or processes that need to be followed visually. The stainless steel construction with 25 mm thick rock wool insulation ensures exceptionally stable temperatures which is further improved by an ingenious stirring mechanism with baffle plates. All wetted parts are made of stainless steel, providing resistance against all usual bath fluids. The bath is fitted with adjustable feet for leveling. The cover of the bath has a number of round 51ΓΈ mm holes with lids, for suspending glass capillary viscometers in holders. To work at temperatures lower than ambient +5°C, use of cooling must be made. Cooling fluid can be pumped through the cooling coil inside the apparatus. Tap water or a combination with the TLC10-3 or TLC15-5 can be used for this purpose. All models are fitted with double windows in front and rear walls. The windows are formed with two panes of tempered safety glass separated by 20 mm of air space. Visibility through the bath is excellent. A power plug on the backside is mounted to provide power for an optional illumination unit. A vane type stirrer with brass bearings move the bath fluids past the heaters and then from under the main baffle plate, thus directing the freshly heated fluid inside bath. All baths can be operated from ambient +5 up to +230°C (41..446°F). With the use of the built-in cooling coil, span lies 5°K above the temperature of the cooling liquid.