This refrigerated microcentrifuge, which has a wide range of rotors for a cooled centrifuge, it can work with conical type tubes from 0,2 ml. to 15 ml.

Biocen22R bilde

Model: Biocen 22R
Manufacturer: Orto Alresa

Dynamic cooling equipment kept the desired temperature, reaching it in a short period of time and maintaining it stable throughout the whole cycle, regardless of the operation speed. Customization of equipment options through the software enables you to adapt the work cycles to the process as well as the user preferences, thus optimizing perShapence in your laboratory.


  • Max. capacity: 8 x 15 ml
  • Up to 18.100 RPM
  • Speed programming in 50 RPM/ 50 xg steps
  • Timer from 1 to 99 min. programmable in 1 min. steps and hold position
  • Lid provided with security systems
  • Guarantee 4 °C at maximum RPM