Universal by design.


Model: Digicen 21
Manufacturer: Orto Alresa

With a wide range of rotors for microplates, cryotubes, microtubes, tubes from 100 ml., with options as versatile as con 28 x 15 ml. tubes in a swing out rotor and 32 x 15 ml. conical tubes in an angle fixed rotor, and rotors for high speed 85 ml., 80 ml., 50 ml., 30 ml. and 10 ml. tubes. The accessories and components are designed to facilitate cleaning and quick rotor exchange. Programming by stages allows the user to control each of them, ensuring traceability and repeatability of the process at all times.


  • Up to 16.500 RPM
  • Max. capacity: 4 x 100 ml.
  • Speed programming in 50 RPM/ 50 xg steps
  • Timer from 1 to 99 min. programmable in 1 min. steps and hold position.
  • Progressive controlled acceleration and braking system up to 175 selectable ramps that prevents sample homogenization after separation