SADP Portable Hygrometer

Easily portable, ready for spot checks or continuous use, this battery powered portable hygrometer indicates both dewpoint temperatures and water vapour to less than one part per million, on the large meter dial.

SAD Portable Hygrometer Picture

Manufacture: Shaw Moisture Meters
Model: SADP Portable Hygrometer

Since the reading is specific to water vapour, calibration is accurate for different gases. Accuracy for this portable hygrometer, is guaranteed to better than one part in a million of moisture in very dry air or gas.

The key to the SHAW automatic dewpoint meter is the unique desiccant head and sensor assembly which allows the dewpoint sensor to be kept dry between tests, ensuring that the dew point instrument is always available for rapid spot checks of moisture in gases and compressed air. Note the absence of dials or switches, calibrating, cooling and servicing as required by some other methods, the automatic dry down measuring head which ensures a quick response from the sensor.