Millennium Excalibur -Arsenic in solids, sludges and liquids

Arsenic occurs in large quantities in the earth’s crust and in trace quantities in rocks, soil, water and air.

Millennium Excalibur -Arsenic

Manufacture: P S Analytical
Model: PSA 10.055

Exposure to arsenic can cause major heath problems. P S Analytical have designed the PSA 10.055 Millennium Excalibur to be able to measure Arsenic in solids, sludges and liquids. The instrument combines the advantages of vapour generation techniques which removes most interference with the sensitivity and selectivity of atomic fluorescence spectrometry. Atomic fluorescence spectrometry gives the added advantage of excellent linearity which in this case is over 5 orders of magnitude. By a simple lamp change via the easy access lamp chamber, the instrument is also able to measure low ppt levels of Arsenic, Selenium, Antimony, Bismuth and Tellurium. Detection levels of 10ppt for As and Sb and 2ppt for Se are readily achieved. With the use of an optimised multi-reflectance filter detection levels of 10ppt can also be realised for Te and Bi. Control of the system is via a PC with Millennium software which not only controls the instrument but allows discrete data capture with full integration into user networks and formats. The software records all instrument parameters and calibration graph with the results of each analysis so is excellent for GLP records.