Millennium Merlin ASS Cold Vapor

The 10.045 Millennium Merlin Cold Vapor AAS System was developed to be compliant with EPA Cold Vapor methods stipulating the use of atomic absorption for the determination of mercury at low levels.

Manufacture: P S Analytical
Model: PSA 10.045

The system is based on continuous flow generation (similar to the PSA 10.025 Millennium Merlin) but utilises atomic absorption as the detection method. As with all PSA Millennium Merlin systems, detection levels in sub ppt levels are readily available. The system is controlled by the PSA Millennium Software and forms part of a fully automated system with the addition of one of the PSA Autosamplers. The Millennium software not only controls the instrument but allows discrete data capture with full integration into user networks and formats. The software records all instrument parameters and calibration graph with the results of each analysis so is excellent for GLP records.