The Tamson Filter Blocking Tendency-tester (TFBT) is an automated instrument designed to test the Filter Blocking Tendency (FBT) of distillate fuels including diesel, biodiesel (B100 & B5/7/20/30), gas oil, gas turbine fuel, and kerosene.

AutomatedTFBT picture

Manufacture: Tamson
Model: Automated TFBT conforming to ASTM D2068 & IP387

It conforms to ASTM D2068 and IP 387. Cold flow issues with diesel containing FAME (biodiesel) and FAME material has resulted in the development of the new EI Industry test (IP PM EA) method standard to check quality of FAME and diesels to avoid major fuel operability problems. Fuel cleanliness is also an important issue as modern fuel injectors and injection pumps are being manufactured to more precise tolerances. Particles due to contamination, degradation, or corrosion of storage vessels can quickly clog filtration systems. A FBT test determines whether fuel can potentially block filters in the distribution network or during use in a vehicle or power plant. The automated FBT provides a graphical guided user interface using a resistive touch screen. This screen guides the user through the test procedure. The guidance results in reliable performance of this test and the user can see what the apparatus is doing when it strictly follows the prescribed steps in the test method. The fuel sample for this test is drawn from the integral fuel reservoir with a constant flow of 20 mL/min by the piston pump. A pulse damper provides smooth and continuous flow. Fluid level, pressure and temperature of the sample are continuously monitored while it is pumped through the specified filter into the waste container. Depending on the test, the result is calculated when 300 mL of sample is pumped or the test is aborted when the maximum pressure is exceeded. When 300 mL of fluid is pumped, the end pressure is used to calculate the FBT number. However when the pressure reaches 105 kPa before the 300 mL is passed, the volume of fluid pumped at this moment is used to calculate the FBT number. Test result is displayed on screen and can be printed out, multiple copies if required.