Cloud Point Detection–The cloud point detection system provides automated sample testing with the accuracy and repeatability in accordance with ASTM D2500, D5771, D5772, D5773 and related international test methods.

Automatic cloud point bilde

Manufacture: Koehler
Model: KLA-1-TS

The sophisticated dynamic measuring system emits a light pulse every 1°C from a coaxial fiber optic cable positioned above the test sample. The light pulse is then reflected off the silver bottom test jar to an optical sensor. The advanced software package analyzes the response of the light pulse.


  • Cloud Point Analyzer conforms to ASTM D2500, D5771, D5772, D5773 and related test methods
  • Direct Cooling system eliminates the need for solvent cooling baths
  • One-stage cooling system provides temperatures as low as -45°C and a two-stage cooling system down to -80°C
  • Cloud Point measured by light pulsed emission on I.R spectrum through a coaxial fiber optic