Density is a fundamental physical property that can be used in conjunction with other properties to characterize the quality of crude oils, light and heavy fractions of petroleum and petroleum products.

Automatic densitymeter

Manufacture: Koehler
Model: K86200, K86201

The test method covers the determination of the density or relative density of crude oils, petroleum distillates and viscous oils that can be handled in a normal fashion as liquids at test temperatures between 15 and 35°C.


  • 1 ea. UKAS Water Density Standard
  • IQ/OQ Documentation
  • 6 pcs. K86220- 3 mL Syringe with Elastomeric tipped plunger
  • 6 pcs. K86221 3 mL Luer Slip Tip Syringe
  • Waste Collection Flask K86232
  • 6 feet of Silcone hose 1/8″ID x 3/16″OD K86229
  • Of Luer Male Plug K86218
  • Of Hose barbed/Male Luer Adapter K86214
  • 2pcs PTFE Fill Nozzel
  • Female Luer to 1/4″ – 28 thread, ETFE
  • Female Luer Lok to 1/4″ – 28 thread, ETFE
  • Barbed to 1/4″ – 28 thread, UNF, ETFE
  • 1 ea. K86224 Small Phillips head Screw Driver
  • K86223 Nozzle Repair Tool
  • Power Supply K86225 and Power Cord K86226