Automatic Distillation Analyzer

The Koehler Automatic Distillation Analyzer is designed to perform optimal distillation analyses of gasolines, fuels, oils, solvents, aromatics, napthas, kerosenes, hydrocarbons, and other volatile products to ensure conformity to rigid quality control standards.

Automatic Distillation Analyzer Bilde

Manufacturer: Koehler
Model: K45704

The analyzer automatically performs tests, processes results, and produces standard reports according to ASTM, ISO, and related specifications. The receiver chamber heating system is ideal for samples that form waxes or other solids during distillation.


  • Automatic determination of initial boiling point (IBP), final boiling point (FPB), dry point and barometric and residue corrections
  • Automatic temperature and volume calibration
  • Receiver chamber heating system up to 60°C
  • Integrated automatic fire extinguishing system with manual operation override
  • Programmable distillation rate (2-15mL/min)
  • Precision level follower system with optical meniscus detector