Automatic Freezing Point Analyzer

The freezing point detection system provides automated sample testing with the accuracy and repeatability.

AutomaticFreezingPointAnalyzer bilde

Manufacturer: Koehler
Model: KLA-5-TS

The sophisticated dynamic measurement system emits a light pulse every 0.5°C. The light pulse is then reflected off the mirror of the fiber optic to an optical sensor. The advanced software package analyzes the response of the light pulse. The initial appearance of crystallization is monitored by light scattering. The sample is then warmed up, and the temperature at which the hydrocarbon crystals disappear is recorded as the freezing point.


  • Standalone system with Integrated Touch Screen Panel PC
  • Direct Cooling system eliminates the need for solvent cooling baths
  • Pressure controller for 1st and 2nd stage motor compressor
  • One-stage cooling system provides temperatures as low as -45°C