LKV 5000 Refrigerated Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Koehler LKV5000 series kinematic viscosity baths with optical flow detection system provides automatic viscosity measurements of petroleum and petrochemical products. Includes communication and power ports for each optical detection assembly, and can utilize up to four optical assemblies.

LKV5000 Refrigerated Kinematic Viscosity Bath with Optical Flow Detection System Picture

Manufacture: Koehler
Model: K22752-OS

Optical sensors and viscometer tubes to be ordered separately. The bath improvements in operating features, safety and cabinetry. Advanced temperature control circuitry includes microprocessor PID design and two decimal calibration offset. Simple pushbutton controls and dual digital displays permit easy setting and monitoring of bath temperature.


  • Complete instrument and data acquisition system exclusively designed for conducting ASTM D445, IP 71 and related test methods
  • Optical sensor detection system accurately measures sample flow and automatically calculates kinematic viscosity results
  • Powerful software system for PC platforms operating in Windows® XP, Vista, 7 and 8 environments
  • Automatic calculation and display of results in viscosity units or seconds