Bacteria Monitoring Online

The BactiQuant technology can be applied to all water types, including, Industrial wastewater, potable water, saline water, and purified water in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bacteria Monitoring Online Picture

Manufacture: BactiQuant

The sensitivity range encompasses bacterial levels lower than 10 cfu/ml up to extremely complex water samples with bacterial contents in the 106+ range. The analysis includes planktonic, free-living bacteria, and adherent or sessile bacteria associated with particles and biofilms.

Easy Sampling and Analysis
The analysis is based on a highly sensitive fluorescence technology
The fluorescence signal is directly proportional to the content of bacteria
The BactiQuant®-water is a patented technology in use worldwide

ONLINE – All operational features in one solution
BactiQuant offers an online solution that promptly quantifies the content of bacteria in water systems. BactiQuant online can be implemented at critical control points throughout the water system network in industries, water utilities, and aquaculture production facilities. The online system is easily integrated into any water system and can be commissioned in a matter of hours.


  • Robot sampler
  • Cost efficient
  • Automatic and external activation