Cong Prima-2M – Dew Point Transducer

Dew Point Transducer

Cong Prima-2M – Dew Point Transducer Picture

Produsent: Vympel
Modell: Cong Prima-2M

The CONG Prima-2M dew point transducer is an automatic condensation hygrometer working on the chilled-mirror principle and designed for measuring the water dew point or hydrocarbon condensation temperature at gas transportation and other natural gas facilities. The analyser is used for for automated water dew point and hydrocarbon condensation temperature measurements at gas metering stations, underground storage and dehydration units, etc.


  • Can measure both water and hydrocarbon dewpoint
  • Atex approved
  • Small footprint to for ease of installation
  • Mounted directly in flowline or in a fast loop