Model Superdew 3 single channel hygrometer is designed to measure dewpoint in process gases and dry compressed air. The panel mounted enclosure provides panel protection to IP54.

Superdew 3 Hygrometer Picture

Manufacture: Shaw Moisture Meters
Model: Model Superdew 3 Hygrometer

The combination of the highly accurate, repeatable SHAW moisture sensor and advanced digital electronics, make this the instrument of choice for a wide range of applications where precise measurement, control and monitoring is critical. Each dewpoint sensor is calibrated to provide overall system accuracy of better than ±2 °C (±3.6 °F) dewpoint and supplied with a Certificate of Calibration traceable to National & International Humidity Standards.

The Superdew 3 can be user configured to display in °C, °F, ppm(v) or lb/MMSCF on an easy to read five character LED display.


  • User selectable digital indication in °C, °F, ppm(v) or lb/MMSCF
  • Accuracy ±2 °C (±3.6 °F) dewpoint
  • Various ranges: overall range -100 °C to +20 °C (-148 °F to +68 °F) dewpoint
  • Universal input: 90 V to 250 V AC (24 V DC option available)
  • Automatic calibration (AutoCal)
  • Two alarms (view/adjust set points from front panel)
  • Linear isolated 4 – 20 mA retransmission signal, adjustable span
  • Fully interchangeable SHAW sensors and ranges
  • Two years guarantee on meter and dewpoint sensor
  • IP65 rated front panel
  • Large clear digital display with back light
  • User friendly and advanced functionality
  • Supplied with Calibration Certificate traceable to National & International Humidity Standards