The TD-2500 combines ultrasonics and a time-tested insertion probe to offer the ultimate in early detection of high concentrations, or slugs, of oil in waste water.

TD-2500 Picture

Model: 2500
Manufacture: Turner Design

Ultrasonic technology measures oil at high concentrations, typically seen after oil/water separation, is sensitive to droplets, solids or gas bubbles and is easier to maintain than optical technologies.

The TD-2500’s simplified design allows for easy installation, with no significant maintenance or spare parts needed. Its fast response time makes the TD-2500 ideal for detecting process upsets, helping to improve water treatment efficiency and tune the chemical injection rate.


  • Detects high oil concentration slugs before separators
  • Measures oil in water (10 ppm–30,000 ppm)
  • Zero downtime sensor removal—process insertion with ball valve
  • No moving parts, low maintenance