The XPLORER-S is the smallest Total Sulfur analyzer available in the market.

Explorer-TS bilde

Model: Xplorer TS
Manufacturer: TE Instruments

This advanced elemental combustion analyzer offers fast, accurate and precise analysis of liquid, LPG, gas and solid samples. It is designed to offer standardized and customized solutions to match both current and future analytical needs, ranging from low ppb’s to high ppm’s. UV-Fluorescence detection through high temperature sample combustion is the reference method for determination of Total Sulfur. Trace Elemental Instruments Software (TEIS) ensures intuitive and smooth control of your analysis.


  • Short start-up time (less than 15 minutes)
  • Fast and precise measurement of solids, liquids, gases and LPG’s
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface, operation software
  • Fast and easy switching between modules, resulting in high productivity
  • Complies with international standards like: ASTM, ISO, EN and IP