BitUVisc kinematic viscometer

The system can process samples with viscosities ranging up to 120,000 mm2/s, up to 150°C. It fully complies with ASTM D445, D446, D2170 and AASHTO T201.

BitUvisc Kinomatic Viscometer bilde

Model: BitUVisc kinematic viscometer
Manufacture: Omnitek’s Legacy Products

There are 2 different models available: 110 and 120. BitUVisc 110 features a single thermostatic bath with 1 viscometer tube whereas BitUVisc 120 model holds 2 viscometer tubes in a single bath. All BitUVisc instruments are equipped with auto-sampling, preheating, fully automatic dual solvent cleaning and drying.
Viscometer tubes are based on the well-known and proven Ubbelohde design. Using specially designed thermal sensors, these tubes allow the detection of fully opaque fluids without any problems or limitations and eliminate the need to use the reverse flow tubes. The standard configuration offers viscosity measurement up to 150°C and sample preheating up to 200°C.

Sophisticated temperature control ensures that measurements are carried out well within the required temperature stability. The system features an innovative single position auto-sampling which provides integrated heating of the sample up to 200°C and uses preheated solvent to effectively clean the viscometer tube. The BitUVisc is fitted with special designed duplo viscometer tubes for unstable samples such as vacuum residues, additives, crude oils, waxes, heavy fuel oils, polymers, asphalts, etc., which typically show poor determinability when sampled repeatedly. These tubes have 2 measuring sections with an approximately similar tube constant. This allows for an actual duplo determination while only sampling once.


  • Applicable for fuels, base oils, formulated oils, highly viscous samples like vacuum residues, additives, crude oilswaxes, heavy fuel oils, polymers, asphalts, etc.
  • Meets all ASTM, EN, ISO, DIN, AASHTO T201, EN 12595 and standards related to kinematic viscosity standards
  • Extremely accurate temperature control
  • Extremely accurate flow-time measurement independent of fluid type
  • Viscometer filling by vacuum method
  • Innovative and efficient viscometer tube cleaning allowing cross contamination free operation
  • Easy viscometer tube exchange
  • Chemically resistant to an extended range of fluids and solvents
  • Compact design