Tamson visibility baths are specially designed for tests that require ultraprecise temperature control, or processes that need to be followed visually.

TV12LT-42C-80 bilde

Model: TV12LT 230V-50Hz -42C to +80C
Manufacturer: Tamson

Tamson thermostatic visibility bath, low temperatures, conforms to ASTM D445 with a temperature range from -42 C to +20 C. A vane type stirrer with maintenance free bearings moves the bath fluid past a special heater ensuring optimal control temperature and excellent uniformity. A baffle plate directs the fluid resulting in excellent temperature control and homogeneity.


  • Temperature stability is +/- 0.014K
  • Bath volume: 15L
  • Bath height: 720 mm
  • Temp. range: -42 °C to +80°C