Choke Valves and Stepping Actuators

We provide a complete range of choke valves for use in wellhead assemblies, heat-treated systems and production/ injection manifolds.

The choke product line consists of two series, MPC and in-line choke. The MPC Series Choke Valves are designed with a proven field performance and are reliable under severe conditions. A complete line of chokes is available from 2.000 to 30.000 psi.



The majority of chokes supplied to Norway are from the MPC series, including NOV’s type VBS 100 series pneumatic stepping actuator. NOV has also developed an in-line choke with great success and a substantial install base.


Choke valveDesigned for low operatin torque under all conditions.

Seat wear monitor (patented) detects washout in wear sleeve before erosional damage can occur in the body.

Bolted bonnet design for added safety
Large body reservoir eliminates body erosion
Extended seat length provides added wear protection to increase service life.

Cage design reduces noise level by as much as 20 dBa.

Can be fitted with any kind of actuator (electric, stepping pneumatic, hydraulic or linear diaphragm).

Easy maintenance.