Surface treatment and powder coating

IKM Haaland has invested in cutting-edge equipment with a 12-phase pre-processing line from E. Aabo Andersen AS in Svendborg, Denmark, and an effective automatic powder coating chamber from Wagner. This line allows us to perform quick colour changes and to re-circulate the powder.

A facility well suited to bigger series of surface treatment jobs, for carbon- and stainless steel, pre-galvanised materials and aluminium.



Our coatings are chrome-free. With chemistry from SurTec we treat all types of materials. In connection with zink phosphate coating of carbon steel the pre-processing line products can be used outdoors in very corrosive environments.

In the automatic coating facility the dimensional limits are H=2400 B=1000 L=3000.

Technical delivery terms for powder-varnished products.


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