That which today is one of Europe’s most modern sheet metal processing companies, was started at the end of the 1930s by Olav Haaland, as a furniture factory. This factory burnt down in 1956. As the prospects for furniture production then were rather poor, it was decided to start nail production instead. In 1980 the company was sold to the Norwegian company, Elkem, who shut down the nail production at Vigrestad. The next two years the company continued operations, performing occasional installation work, before sheet metal production was started in 1982. 

The company then was the first in Europe to buy laser cutters from the major supplier Amada in Japan, and has since then been in the forefront concerning its machinery. IKM Haaland AS was bought by Technor AS in Stavanger in 1994.

In September 2006 the company was sold on to the Aarbakke Group. In 2009
Haaland AS invested in a new production facility of 12 000 m2. The facility contains advanced machinery and can process most materials and thicknesses.

Today IKM Haaland AS has been bought by the IKM Group. With a strong and sound owner the company’s 90 employees can face the future with confidence.

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