Accurate punching and high volume 

Our punching machines can handle most challenges and are designed to handle high volumes with exact precision.

Our punchingline is currently linked to an automatic stock which feeds all raw materials automatically, and where all punched parts are picked, sorted and returned to the automatic stock awaiting the next processing operation.

The punching line consists of two Amada punching machines with automatic tool change and a store of 220 tools as well as double set-up of dynes. The work area measures 3000 x 1500 mm. In addition there is the Amada combined punching and laser-cutting machine, which also offers tool change and the same work area as the plain punching machines. The facility can run unmanned most of the day/night.

Throughout our existence we have concentrated on knowledge, competence and further development. That is why we now have built Europe’s most advanced sheet metal production facilities.

By means of an exceptional logistics system, fully-automated tools change option and an equally
fully-automated sheet forming process, the working process has been optimised down to the
smallest detail.

Our focus on development and competence also means that we have our own Development Department. For example, by developing virtual prototypes, all faults will be removed before the
parts are put into production.

The result is a wide spectre of quality products manufactured quickly and in a very cost-efficient manner.

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