Hydraulic maintenance / overhaul


Our hydraulics unit is among the country's leading multidisciplinary hydraulic environments, with more than 50 years of experience. Excellent ability to design, construct and deliver ready-made systems, as well as a wide range of products. We also collaborate with the best suppliers and manufacturers on the market, making us market leader in hydraulic systems and services.

Pumps, OMS, motors, reels, UHP, HPU, HWHPU, accumulator skid, Spooling winch.

Maintenance and overhaul
We perform troubleshooting and repairs from the simple to the most advanced hydraulic systems. The tasks may be performed on customer’s sites or equipment can be taken to our site. We have one of the country's largest test benches for pumps (> 160kW) (water & hydraulics)

We perform pipe laying of a high quality and expertise within the various pressure classes including accompanying fittings for different requirements. New facilities, existing facilities or rebuilds and repairs.

  • Hot water high pressure washer
  • High pressure injection pump
  • Tool HPU & reel
  • Vacuum unit
  • Citrus acid injection unit
  • Liquid seal ring unit
  • Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) 
  • BOP control system