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Our vision:
To be a leading, complete and finely tuned supplier of choice.

About us:
The Larvik based company Instrutek was founded in 1985 as a trading company. It was once the main areas electronics, electrical and automation. In the 90s, we experienced growth in new areas such as temperature and pressure calibration, and simulators for schools and teaching. The headquarters of
IKM Instrutek AS still remain in Larvik, and now has branch offices in Stavanger, Bergen and Ålesund. Turnover approximately NOK 200 mill. each year. 

The company is divided into two main branches, Electrical and Automation and NavCom and Condition Monitoring. In addition, a separate service and calibration workshop for repair and calibration of instruments.

Electro and Automation supplies test and measuring instruments. The department offers products including industrial, offshore, installers, energy suppliers, technical training schools and public service. 
In Stavanger, there is a department for Supply House, which handles part of the purchasing process for customers in the oil, gas and offshore sectors.

Department of NavCom and Condition Monitoring handles shipping markets, industry and offshore.
The department in Bergen additionally handles a monitoring center for inspection.

In addition, we conduct courses and seminars for customers with both product and professional training.


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IKM Instrutek AS
Elveveien 28, 3262 Larvik, Norway, T: +47 33 16 57 00, F: +47 33 16 57 01, E: IKMinstrutek@IKM.no