Calibration and instrument service

Service and calibration of measuring instruments
IKM Instrutek has its own service and calibration workshop where we undertake repairs and calibration of instruments for our customers.

We are very flexible with regard to the customer’s needs and will identify the best solutions in consultation with the customer. We can offer framework agreements for maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments with calling in at agreed times. In collaboration with shipping companies we have established a rotation scheme with service and maintenance of instrument suitcases. As well as a our own laboratory in Larvik, we collaborate closely with IKM’s laboratories in Stavanger, Bergen, Oslo and Singapore.

About calibration:
Calibration involves determining deviation from a known standard in order to verify that what is being measured in a process is accurate.

When the instrument is calibrated and, where necessary, adjusted, you may be assured that the measurements you undertake are correct, thus avoiding erroneous measurements and defective production. Faults in the process may result in, for example, increased energy consumption, environmental impact, destroyed equipment, lower product quality, process interruption and personal injury.

Our calibration is traceable 
For traceable calibration, a calibration certificate is issued and an accompanying written measuring report. All measured values and the conditions under which such values were measured, as well as a report on reference instrumentation and procedures adopted are included in the report. In respect of quality assurance in accordance with the ISO 9000 series, your measuring equipment must be calibrated.

Calibration services:

Electrical Calibration:
• Multimeters 0-1050V AC / DC
• Power Supplies 0-3000A AC / DC
• Oscilloscope 0-1000MHz
• Installation Tester
• Prosessikalibratorer

Temperature calibration:
• Thermometer -40 º C to 700 º C
• IR camera and thermometer -15 º C to 500 º C
• Temperature transmitters -45 º C to 700 º C
• Temperature calibrators -50 º C to 650 º C

Pressure calibration:
• Gauge -0.8 to 3000 bar

• Pressure -0.8 to 3000 bar
• Pressure Switches
• Pressure Calibrators -0.8 to 1200 bar

Gas calibration:
• Single and multigas (O2, CO, H2S, CH4, C3H8)
• Oxygen Meters

Mechanical calibration:
• Torque wrenches 20Nm to 2000Nm

Vibration Calibration:
• Vibration Meters
• Akselrometere

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