De Wit - Test and measurement equipment

IFG de Wit is a quality and service oriented manufacturer of pressure and temperature test and measuring equipment for all applications.

Since the first De Wit instruments were produced in 1916, our scope of manufacture has increased to include pressure gauges, test gauges, chemical seals, gas actuated thermometers, subsea gauges, dead weight testers and chart recorders.

De Wit instruments are used primarily in the (petro)chemical industry, water and waste treatment plants, shipbuilding industry, food and beverage industry, paper and pulp mills and in the (offshore) oil & gas industry.
De Wit instruments are also popular with OEM customers. We are small enough to allow a rapid response to customer's special requirements (customised dials, special executions etc.) whilst large enough to deliver on a timely basis.

St.steel distant reading thermometer De Wit model 5812/63   St.steel distant reading thermometer De Wit model 5500/160  
Precision gauge 181RR/160, 0-160 psi, acc. cl. 0,6   Test gauge 4501RS/250, 0-10K, acc. +/- 0,25 %  
316 SS case 6” chart recorder De Wit model 4892SS, panel Mount

316 SS case portable chart recorders De Wit models 4888SST, 4870SST and P-12 series  
316 SS case portable dual pen 12” chart recorder with helical elements De Wit model PP-12-T

Precision gauge 181RR/160 and test gauge 4501S/250 in transport cases  
8” chart recorder with precision gauge, hose and aluminium transport case

Portable dead weight tester with brass weight set  



 Pressure gauges - Subsea gauges - Mud gauges - Chart recorders





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