Marine calibration

IKM Instrutek AS is a leading provider of rotation management systems and calibration instruments to the shipping industry.

We manage the system for our customers, ensuring traceable, calibrated and certified instruments. This will be carried out by our own calibration laboratory or in specific cases by one of our partners. Basic test case MTS-500 Covering E0 requirements in SOLAS.

Custom made cases
Meeting specific demands from our customers, as well as covering the E0 requirements. E.g.:

• Pressure and temperature calibrators
• Test and measuring instruments
• Portable gas detectors
• DNV approval

Everything you need in one case
The test case comes with all the instruments you need, together with all certificates required.

Full management system
Together with our worldwide partners, our rotation system makes sure you have traceable, calibrated and certified instruments at all times.

Our worldwide network provides distribution of Calibrated instruments where your vessel is.
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