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MSA is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality safety products protecting people throughout the world for over a century. With manufacturing operations in five continents and with more than 40 locations worldwide, MSA serves customers in more than 140 countries. The MSA products meet local and international standards.

Fuego is the perfect head protection solution for fire & rescue and emergency services.

• S-Cap-Air, The S-Cap-Air is a compressed air, constant flow, escape breathing apparatus designed to aid escape from hazardous areas.
• 3S full face mask, The 3S offers everything a mask wearer needs.
• Steel cylinders, For compressed air breathing apparatus, cylinder valve in accordance with EN 144.
• AirGo compact, The AirGo compact SCBA preset is specifically designed for emergency response and escape. On ships or industrial facilities where such units are mandatory the AirGo compact is an obvious choice.
• S-Cap escape hood, S-CAP is especially designed to protect persons endangered by smoke and gases generated by fires.
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