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RadarFURUNO`s integrated leading-edge technology has a user-friendly interface, providing reliable performance and simplified installation. FURUNO ARPA Radar FAR series fully meet the latest performance standards of IMO and IEC for all ships . It is designed to meet the demands of today’s maritime industry.


An outstanding solution for SOLAS carriage requirements as a standalone positioning device and as a sensor for AIS, Radar, VDR, etc. The GP-150 is a highly reliable standalone EPFS that feeds positioning information to AIS, Radar, VDR, ECDIS, Autopilot, Echo Sounder and Sonar.
The ECDIS employs intelligently arranged Graphic User Interface elements that deliver task-based operation scheme to give the operator direct access to necessary operational procedure. Also, the new ECDIS utilises cutting edge chart-drawing engine that delivers instantaneous chart redraw with the seamless zooming and panning, hence making the ECDIS operation stress-free.

The ECDIS will also bring about streamlined chart management scheme providing easy chart management independent of the chart providers.
Multifunction display capability, featuring ECDIS,Conning Information Display, Radar/Chart Radar* and Alert Management System**
*a radar sensor needs to be integrated in the network.
** Radar and Alert Management System display capabilities are to be implemented as software update after product release. (Option).

Doppler speed log
• Speed and distance run indicated on a large illuminated LCD display
• Compact display unit and transducer
• High accuracy by utilizing the Doppler principle, paired beam eliminating effect of pitching, and velocity correction for change of water temperature
• Easy speed correction at mile post run
• Speed output to ARPA, radar, ECDIS, AIS, VDR, GMDSS equipment, etc.
• Complies with IMO standards MSC.96(76), A.824(19), A.694(17), IEC 61023 and other related standards
• Fully meets SOLAS carriage requirement for ships over 300GT
• Fits to the hull either directly or with a gate valve
The term BNWAS is an acronym for Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System - a safety system made mandatory in amendments to SOLAS chapter V regulation 19, and adopted on June 5th. 2009 by resolution MSC.282(86). Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) systems by AMI are designed with ease of use and style in mind. All systems integrate with existing bridge alarms and are fully type approved to the latest IMO standards.

We offer a complete range of gyro compasses that ensures the highest accuracy and maximum reliability under all environmental conditions. Combining proven technology and long maintenance periods with most advanced features, we also offer you a long time secure investment with lowest operation costs. Together with our supplier we give you sophisticated and cutting edge gyro compass technology based on over 100 years of experience.
The VR-3000 is a Voyage Data Recorder to assist investigators in identifying the causes of maritime casualty as well as to use the data for future reference to further incident prevention. VDR records data and events occurred during navigation, which include: date and time, ship’s position, speed, heading, bridge audio, communication audio, radar/ECDIS images and others.
The Automatic Identification System (AIS) transponder FA-150 is designed to improve navigation safety by observing other AIS equipped ships. It can provide you with a solution for open sea cruise and inland navigation.
The FA-150 can be interfaced with radar, ECDIS and ECS (Electronic Chart System, and by overlaying the AIS targets on the display, it enables vessel operators to distinguish the ships from other targets, such as islets.

Marine approved screens
IKM Instrutek AS provides leading technology and specialized display and computer products.
We deliver high quality, unique and customized solutions.
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