IKM offers a range of products within condition monitoring.

Condition monitoring products:
OMS Oil Monitoring & Maintenance Systems:
The oil monitoring systems are designed and manufactured at IKM Hydraulic Services in Stavanger Norway.

If you are a potential distributor for our OMS products, please feel free to contact us.

  • Oil condition monitoring sensors for most oil types
  • Complete standalone and integrated solutions
  • Filter solutions
  • “Plug and play”

IKM Accelerometers (vibration sensors), cables and accessories:

  • Accelerometers in all sizes and specifications
  • Cables & connectors
  • Mounting hardware 
  • Junction boxes
  • Accelerometer and cable bias tester
  • Accelerometer simulator

If you are a potential distributor for our vibration sensors, cables and accessories, please feel free to contact us.

Marine Technologies – C-Comm
C-Comm, solutions for remote monitoring, access and data diagnostics.

  • Any data point from most formats 
  • For large and small systems (0-10 000+ measurement points)
  • Low bandwidth requirements, only 20kB/sec transfer rate needed for data captured from 3000 measuring points refreshed every 15 sec.
  • Examples: Process, condition monitoring, fuel consumption and power, power management, alarms and events, weather and environments, location, trends, device interfaces etc. 
  • Remote access and service for partners 
  • Installed today at almost 150 vessels. Approximately 450 000 measuring point monitored every 15 seconds trough vessel IAS.

With a strong partnership between IKM and Marine Technologies.
The combined competence and expertise takes our monitoring and reporting capabilities to a level not seen in the industry before.

Online Monitoring solutions:

  • Online vibration monitoring systems
  • Wireless vibration monitoring solutions
  • Machine protection systems
  • Electronic and dynamic engine peak instruments
  • Engine bearing monitoring solutions 
  • Splash oil monitoring systems
  • Oil mist monitoring systems
  • Online engine combustion monitoring solutions
  • Torque and shaft power monitoring 


  • Vibration data collectors
  • Ultrasonic measurement instrument
  • Laser alignment tools (shaft alignment and geometrical)
  • Balancing tools
  • Engine peak indicators (electronical and mechanical)
  • Portable torque and power measurement systems for rotating machinery

IKM represent several brands
We represent all of our partners in Norway, some partners in Scandinavia, USA and for maritime and offshore industry worldwide:

  • ACEOM OneProd
  • ACEOM Fixturlaser
  • Meggitt
  • SDT
  • CTC
  • MotCom
  • Bisfeld Engineering
  • CMT
  • Kistler
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