Sea DarQ oil spill

What makes this system unique The Seadarq solution ensures the best possible performance by combining the highest standard of electronics and Smart Image Processing. The exceptional sensitivity is achieved with: (a)14 bit processing, (b)vertically polarized antenna with high directivity, (c) radar with greater dynamic range (sensitivity). These features are industry exceptions and are improvements upon the standard solution. For decision makers like yourself, you may translate this into more tangible quantities such as improved range or greater image detail.

When an oil spill happen, response readiness begins by being well informed at an early stage. The skill of the response is directly related to the quality of the tools at hand. Nortek’s oil spill detection radar solution is the tool that immediately informs an operator of oil presence and the details of how it is distributed. The solution distinguishes itself by using high quality components and state of the art Processing.

What it is
The Nortek Seadarq oil spill detection system is a solution comprised of a marine x-band radar and state of the art image processing software. Operators are provided with real time images of outlined spills on the water - 24/7.

How it works
Clutter from the sea is typically unwanted noise for a radar operator. However, when used for oil spill detection, marine radar exploits this signal to detect the presence of oil on the water surface. Regions that have reduced clutter are candidates for spills. These candidates go through a series of state of the art algorithms to determine the likelihood of the spill. Nortek refers to this as Smart Image Processing. We do not just look for disparity of clutter-no clutter, but determine the likelihood of a spill by employing a model that compares candidates with characteristics of know spills. These characteristics come from an extensive database of oil spill radar recordings.

Tradition of sound principles
The Seadarq system is a direct product of research efforts at the Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) over 15 years ago. It is founded on sound engineering and understanding of the processes necessary for skilled detection. Through the years the system has been vetted by specialist in the field during numerous tests and at the fingertips of operators involved in oil spill response. The system is now in daily use around the world. This includes the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), who has employed Nortek`s Seadarq system on multiple vessels since 2002. This includes an active role in some of the most infamous spills such as the “Prestige” spill. The detection system is recognized to be suitable by NOFO
(Norwegian Clean Seas Association).

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