Supply House

We secure the products our customers want
Since the mid-1990s our experienced and skilled employees at Supply House in Stavanger have handled parts of the purchasing process for our oil, gas and offshore sector customers. 

For those customers wanting to outsource this specialised field, our focus on expediting (delivery time) and good partnership agreements will considerably simplify the purchasing process. 

We focus on providing a high level of service and use quality suppliers from all over the world. Our scale advantage is based on high volume insofar as we handle agreements, purchasing and communication with the supplier market, which, in turn, benefits our customers.

We adapt to the varying needs of the customer by adopting a targeted approach to logistics and purchasing. We focus on finding the most optimum solution in the flow of goods from supplier to end customer.

Whatever you want...
We make our customer’s working day easier by procuring products and tailoring deliveries in accordance with the customer’s requirements specifications and needs.

Product examples:

  • Pumps
  • Valve test benches
  • Pressure gauges
  • Operating materials for offshore
  • Training equipment
  • Miscellaneous special request items upon application
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