VLT® Frequency converters

Optimise control and energy efficiency at sea

Using drives for controlling motors aboard a vessel gives many benefits.

A frequency converter reduces the startup current peak. The need for auxiliary generators for startup is thus eliminated, especially where you have large motors for thrusters and

Diff erent types of pumps, i.e seawater, mud and cargo pumps, are typical systems where a drive is installed.

Engine room ventilation systems, air conditioning systems for crew and passenger accommodation areas and air conditioning systems are also applications where installing Danfoss VLT® drives can provide multiple benefits. Danfoss drives fully comply with the rules of the marine approval societies.

Danfoss drives fully comply with the rules of the marine approval societies.

All over the vessel...

1. Separator
VLT® drives increase the performance of the separator. The drive makes the separator tolerant against load surges. It can catch the separator on the fly and bring it to standstill without the need for resistors.

2. Pump
Pump dedicated features like built-in PID controllers, dry pump detection, flying start, sleep mode, cascade controller, end of curve
and flow compensation save energy, protect the pump.

3. Thruster
VLT® control of thrusters eliminates the need for pitch control. This saves energy, reduces noise and minimizes maintenance.
The preheat function eliminates anti-condensation heaters.

4. Steering gear
Accurate positioning of the rudder enables precice steering of the ship. The hydraulic pumps only run when the vessel is changing
course, which saves energy.

5. Fan
Load dependent capacity control and Automatic Energy Optimisation save energy.
Skip resonance monitoring reduces noise and protects the system. Motor preheat prevents damage and eliminates the need for anti-condensation heating.

6. Winch
Fast reaction to torque variations enables reliable operation of mooring and anchoring winches, as well as heavy duty work winches. Built-in, advanced mechanical brake control eases mechanical stress on both gear and brake.

7. Compressor
A VLT® drive increases the efficiency of both air compressors and refrigeration compressors. Speed control ensures that the capacity at any time meets the actual demand.

8. Crane and hoist
High torque and advanced mechanical brake control ensures smooth operation in rough load conditions and perfect control of the load at all times. The hoist digiPot function allows easy control with typical hand held crane controllers.
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