Periodic inspection / Certification

Periodisk kontroll og sertifisering

Crane and lifting equipment/personnel hoists (wind turbine)
We are an expert company and can carry out inspections on the following control classes: G1-Mobile cranes, G3 Swing and portal cranes, G4-Bridge/overhead travelling cranes, G5-Offshore cranes, G6-Float cranes, G7 Hoists/winches/free-motion cranes, G8-Truck cranes, G10-Hand-operated cranes, G11-Lifting tools, G12-Stage rigs, G20-Fixed hydraulic cranes, PX- Personnel hoists, RX-Lifting equipment, TX-All types of stacking machines, MX-Machinery for moving masses, D7 Lifting appliances in the drilling area.

In addition, we have engineers and personnel with A1, B1 and B certificates in accordance with the regulations of the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.
Our workshop is also approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

We carry out certification/control, inspection, maintenance, overhaul, modification, upgrading, equipment testing, destructive testing of equipment and consulting.
Testbench 200T in the workshop, supports break tests to up to 160 tonnes.
The company uses web-based ONIX Work for easy customer access to certificates and documentation