Studies and engineering

Studier og engineering

Studies and engineering
The company has extensive experience in studies and engineering associated with steel structures, layouts, material handling as well as crane- and lifting-related challenges.

Crane/lifting appliances and rescue equipment
Studies related to modification/replacement of cranes and lifting appliances, life boats, MOB boats, setting out and life boat - life boating stations. 

Heavier units
Studies for replacement of heavier units which might not have been designed for this, and which might not be a natural route for removal/installation of new equipment. 

Service life studies
We supply a wide range of studies and verification activities such as: GAP analyses, risk assessments, crane lifecycle analysis and 3rd party verifications.

Authorities and Certification have personnel with regulatory and certification competence and extensive experience with OD, Ptil and DnV GL

Analyse verktøy:                     
Staad Pro (Ansys at subsidiary IKM Tech Team Solutions).

Drawing and 3D modelling:  
MicroStation and Autodesk Inventor. (Solid Works).