About us

IKM Laboratorium A/S is a norwegian company established in 1989.

The Measurement Technology Department and Rental, offers not only calibration, service and rental, but also arrange courses and acts as consultants within our professional field. Our service are performed either in our laboratory or in the field, both onshore and offshore.

All our calibrations are carried out according to accepted standards andcan be traced to national and international standards

Our services include maintenance and repairs via simple testing and verification service to accreditated calibration of fiscal metering systems.

We have an experienced staff and many years of statistics proving the quality of our standards.

IKM Laboratorium AS
NorSea Base, Bygg 53, 4056 Tananger, T: +47 51 71 95 00,  24/7: +47 908 33 131, IKMlab@IKM.no
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